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city tour

City Tour

Duration: 5:30 hours // Tour 1

We will start this tour visiting the Panama Canal, Casco Antiguo, and Amador Causeway, where you can see this growing city, its skyscrapers and its surroundings.

We will walk through the ruins of what was the first city in Panama, climbing through old towers remaining in the area, arriving to one beautiful view of the city.

The schedule of this tour depends of the ship's crossing time through the canal.

Shopping Tour

Shopping Tour

Duration: 5:30 hours // Tour 2

As everybody knows, Panama is one of the best shopping destination. We offer this tour as one of our best services. You will enjoy your shopping time in major malls in the country without worries.

- Soho Mall
- Multiplaza Pacific Mall
- Multicentro Mall
- Albrook Mall
- El Dorado Mall
- Metro Mall
- Los Pueblos Mall

Canal de Panama

Panama Canal

Duration:2:30 hours // Tour 3

During your visit to the Panama Canal, also known as Miraflores Locks, you will appreciate the interesting passage of ships and know the mechanism of the locks.

You will be able to visit the museum where the beginning excavations and construction of the Canal are displayed. Among the facilities, you will also find souvenir shops and a restaurant.

Casco Antiguo

Casco Antiguo

Duration:2:30 hours // Tour 4

On this tour you will visit one of the oldest areas of Panama City, the history and surroundings of El Altar de Oro, Arco Chato, Las Bovedas and La Plaza de Francia, where you will find historical monuments and craft stores.

We will pass by the impressive church of La Catedral and stroll along El Parque de la Independencia, where you will appreciate the Presidential House.


Canal and Casco Antiguo or Causeway

Duration:3:30 hours // Tour 5

On this tour you will visit three interesting points in Panama City: The Old Town, The Panama Canal and Amador Causeway Bay.

This walk is full of history, culture and the view of exclusive yachts in the Bay, wonderful waterfront restaurants and Duty Free shops.

The schedule of this tour depends on the ships' crossing time through the canal.

Comunidad Indigena Embera

Embera Indigenous Community

Duration:8:30 hours // Tour 6

A fascinating tour along the banks of the Chagres River will take you to the Embera indigenous community, where we will ride in canoes guided by an embera tour guide. You will appreciate the natives along with the flora and fauna of this beautiful and magical place.

We will arrive at a beautiful waterfall where you can swim and visit indigenous homes. Visitors will enjoy Embera culture, way of life, dances, taste traditional food and even tattooed with removable ink made by the Embera people themselves.

El Valle de Anton

Anton Valley

Duration:8:30 hours // Tour 7

Anton Valley is a scenic place where you can enjoy nature. It takes two hours to get this location.

This place is famous for providing beautiful views of India Dormida hill and wonderful hot springs where you can have a healer shower.

If you are adventurous you can also do a canopy tour in the Anton's Valley heights.



Duration:8:30 hours // Tour 8

Arrival in Portobelo from Panama city takes two hours.

Upon arrival you will experince a beatiful interacton with the nature that owns this place. We will take a hike to see Spanish ruins, the canyons that used to hold the fort and a visit to the Cristo Negro Church.

Playa Caribe

Caribbean beach day

Duration:8:30 hours // Tour 9

The Caribbean beaches are one of the most beautyful in the world, especially Isla Grande. To arrive to this beautiful place, it is necessary to make the journey by boat. The boat is equiped with all necessary safety equipment to complete this journey.

Once there, you can enjoy a gorgeus sunny day.

Playa Pacifico

Pacific beach day

Duration:8:30 hours // Tour 10

This tour offers you eight hours of full entertainment, starting when we pick you up from your hotel.

You will enjoy the beautiful beaches and restaurants, as well as existing pools in the area.

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